Haiti, music, politics (Americas, ContCult)

A clip from Al-Jazeera in advance of today’s election in Haiti:

Famni Lavalas, the party once led by deposed president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, has been banned from the election. Many Haitians– though notably not the wealthiest of them– called for the postponement of polling, and today 12 of the 19 presidential candidates united to say that the elections were compromised by severe irregularities including ballot-box stuffing, including Sweet Micky. See the article at Christian Science Monitor:

Angry voters flood streets as several candidates reject Haiti election

Now let’s consider some Haitian Music.

MC Torch, a part of the Haitian diaspora:

This is pretty weird. Jimmy O, who was killed in the January 2010 earthquake, with a heavy gangster pose and a video that incorporates actual footage of street violence:

J Creole rocks the autotune, a technology that is possibly one of the most unfortunate developments in pop music:

Reaching back to rara:

Nemours Jean Baptiste, “le pere du compas“:

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