Daily Archives: October 19, 2010

La Grève

France enters its 7th day of strikes against austerity measures such as pension “reform” taken by the government in response to the global economic “crisis”.

Above: French university and lycée  students have joined the strike, which now includes millions (3.5 million according to the CGT). This student’s sign says, “Carla [Pres. Sarkozy’s wife] we’re like you: we get screwed by the head of the state.”


For those who are interested in such matters, historian Sean Wilentz recently published an article on the modern roots of the Tea Party. The link is here:

Confounding Fathers

For a much more piquant take, see Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone piece posted here in pdf format:

TaibbiTeaParty (pdf)

And Slavoj Zizek, pervert-philosopher, discusses the rise of anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe as against the Tea Party tendency on Democracy Now:

A/V & transcript DemNow

Manual Labor

Al Jazeera has a series on manual labor this week. Really compelling images, fantastic camera work and some larger questions. The episode below follows workers in Indonesia who break apart and haul slabs of sulfur from an active volcano. Must see.

from Working Man’s Death