Daily Archives: October 17, 2010

Syllabus Changes (VIAL, ContCult, Americas)

I’ve tweaked the schedule of readings.

VIAL: We’ll delay our reading of The Girl by one week and use this coming week to ground ourselves in key concepts for the study of values in American life. Note there is a new reading for Wednesday, Oct. 20  (pdf format) in the E-Reader section of the course information page. Print it, read it, and bring it to class please.

ContCult: We’ll do BOS on Monday, review on Wednesday, take the midterm on Friday and finish out BOS on Monday Oct. 25, when RR4 will be due.

Americas: We’ll discuss China Men on Monday, review on Wednesday, take the midterm on Friday, and continue China Men the next week. RR4 will be due on Monday Oct. 25.

Any questions?

Culture War Redux

As the midterm elections loom, campaign ads proliferate. Here’s a sampling of recent ads which take up the Culture War banner in order to promote their candidates.

First up, Jim Marshall, of Georgia, assures prospective voters 40 years too late that he’s neither a San Francisco hippie nor– worst of all– anything like Nancy Pelosi. It’s interesting to note that Pelosi has become a national symbol of “big government” radicalism on the right despite her rather dead-center-liberal politics. In races far removed from California her name is being used as a kind of shorthand for the worst excesses of political liberalism (for the apotheosis of this tactic see Tim Burns’s recent ad):

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