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Ideology Critique and The Girl (VIAL)

I think that the class is familiar enough with the critical tools we’ve amassed in the last ten weeks to bring them to bear on The Girl. We need to consider two things with regard to this novel. First, its ideological content– specifically Le Sueur’s critique of Depression Era society and her sense of what it would take (what values would be necessary) to change that situation. Second, we should focus on the methods by which Le Sueur establishes that content. Using all of the familiar terms of literary analysis– plot, character, diction, etc.– we should be able to assess how the formal aesthetic choices of The Girl work to assert a definite vision of society.

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Eponymous Blog Post (VIAL)

One or two things:

First, I didn’t explain eponymous correctly because of a brain malfunction. The character The Girl is eponymous because the novel The Girl is named after her. She is the title character.

But what I was looking to establish was that she functions as a kind of collective protagonist– not exactly an archetype, not strictly speaking an allegorical figure, but a character who stands in for an entire class of people. The Girl could be any girl from the same social stratum. This is why she has no name.

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