Adanggaman (ContCult, Americas)

This excellent 2000 film about the slave trade is not only a compelling reconstruction of 17th century Africa but seems to demand an allegorical reading for the recent (postcolonial) conflict in West Africa. See the trailer here.

See also this very knowledgeable discussion of the world historical context for Adanggaman by Prof. Fritz Umbach:

One thought on “Adanggaman (ContCult, Americas)

  1. heirkarevoll

    The idea of the African elite at the time of the Atlantic slave trade really puts a different spin on the whole issue. It’s hard to imagine any one group of people being more brutal and heartless than the white European slave-traders, but were they in check and even afraid of the African elites who were clearly very violent.

    I like that one point he makes, how the slave trade projected this myth that Africa was weak and that is why they took slaves so easily; when in fact it was more because they could not possibly conquer the continent, so they purchased mass amounts of people who were already enslaved by African elite.

    And then that reminds me of that passage where Thoreau ponders that Africa would be far more effective and industrious had factories been built and Africans trained to work in them.

    But at that time, as just a normal citizen, he was too perhaps under the impression that Africa was weak and for the taking however anyone pleased to do so. When in fact it was not even an option due to oprsseive rule already in Africa.

    I’d like to learn more about the Atlantic slave trade and what occured out side of U.S. soil.


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