Due Dates (AMS179, HUM415, HUM470).

Just a reminder:

Final papers are due at the following times

1. HUM415 @ 8 a.m. Wednesday May 19

2. HUM470 @ 8 a.m. Thursday May 20

3. AMS179 @ 2.45 p.m. Thursday May 20

NO late papers will be accepted barring a medical crisis which requires hospitalization (bear attack, ebola, hysterical blindness, etc.)

Hasta Siempre!

7 thoughts on “Due Dates (AMS179, HUM415, HUM470).

  1. Rose Jackson

    So do we need to come to school and drop off a hard copy with the originality report or do we just need to submit it to turnitin.com?

  2. apciv Post author

    As I said ad nauseam in class you will need to bring in a hard copy on the assigned due date.

  3. Melanie Wong

    Are we required to stay for the two hours designated for our class’ final exam schedule or are we simply dropping off the paper?

    1. apciv Post author

      1.5 to 2.0. 12 pt. non-crayola font. Reasonable margins. MLA format. It should look like omething you’d be confident in submitting for publication or for a scholarship. Good luck.

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