4 thoughts on ““I Want a Third Pill” (HUM415, AMS179)

  1. apciv Post author

    This guy’s a jackass. No surprises, he’s getting paid by AEI. He’s also the author of the Bell Curve, a kind of neo- Race Science book which argues that intelligence is genetic. Guess which racial group gets to be the stupid one?

    I couldn’t be arsed to read the whole article but from what I did read he seems to want to track people into different levels of education. A nice, compliant working-class will get the “core” education and then learn how to do useful things like mow my lawn or dry clean my drapes. clearly someone in that socio-economic position doesn’t need to know too much about Leon Trotsky or the Treaty of Westphalia or Maimonides; the ability to identify these things is enough. In fact if a worker exceeds his/her requisite level of education s/he might begin to get ideas that the status quo isn’t such great shakes after all.

  2. C.R. Diamond

    I wish there was more to see regarding Zizek’s thoughts on Cinema. I should probably watch the rest of Pervert’s guide to Cinema.
    Right now I find flaw in his idea that human beings do not naturally feel desire for things, but instead told what to desire via movies. Yes I believe that many people are inspired to want certain things after watching a movie, television show, or commercial, but to say that movies are the main source of inspiration? To me that is a bit off the right. For one thing, movies came into existence within the last century, and human beings have been wanting things since the beginning of time.

    1. apciv Post author

      We’ll get into the idea of desire in a little while. Zizek’s using cinema as a kind of metaphor to talk about things like identity and ideology.

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