Daily Archives: April 14, 2010

Cyberspace in Neuromancer and The Matrix (HUM415)

After class I began attempting to work out the role of cyberspace in both Neuromancer and The Matrix as a door into our discussion of Gibson’s novel. But it seems important to preface those remarks with a few historical notes.

First, recall that the texts are born in different historical moments: Neuromancer was published in what some historians have termed the Second Cold War, that period which began with Reagan’s invocation of a Soviet “Evil Empire” and led– according to an inaccurate, triumphalist version of events– to US “victory” after half a century of friction, dirty tricks, and brinksmanship. Incidentally, we shouldn’t forget that the Cold War was in fact quite hot in the 3rd World and it is estimated that perhaps 20 million people died as a consequence of the division of the planet into two warring camps.

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