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300 As Geopolitical Allegory (HUM415)

The following very short essays are not, strictly speaking, required reading though I hope that you might at least look them over. The first, by Gary Leupp, performs a spirited demolition job on 300 as a racist, historically inept piece of postmodern propaganda. The second– by Slavoj Zizek, whose First as Tragedy, Then as Farce we’ll be reading at semester’s end– inverts that kind of reading.

A Racist and Insulting Film: 300 vs. Iran (and Herodotus)

The True Hollywood Left

Heteroglossia and Dialogism (HUM470)

From our friend MM Baktin, who gave us the chronotope:

“[A]t any given moment of its historical existence, language is heteroglot from top to bottom: it represents the co-existence of socio-ideological contradictions between the present and the past, between differing epochs of the past, between different socio-ideological groups in the present, between different schools, circles and so forth….” (The Dialogic Imagination 291).

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