Presentation (AMS 179)

Please specify who is in your group (first names only OK) and the nature of your topic. Remember topics should be fairly developed (i.e. “music” is not sufficient as a subject for a presentation). Those of you who weren’t in class on Thursday might use the comments section of this post to get in touch with your comrades.

Tuesday Apr. 6

1. Video games & virtual reality


Thursday Apr. 8

1. Stephen King

2. Childbirth

Tuesday Apr. 13

1. Marijuana in the Movies

2. Superheroes

Thursday Apr. 15

1. Music of the 1960s

2. Anti-war music of the 1960s.

11 thoughts on “Presentation (AMS 179)

  1. Barbie Csore

    Our group: Alexandra, Michelle, Shaunt, and Barbie, would like to go on thursday April 15th. Our topic is 1960’s music.

  2. Becca Bird

    Group: Becca Bird, Cristal Renteria and Rachel Hileman
    Date: April 13
    Topic: The portrayal of marijuana use in the movies

  3. Amber Loveless

    Our group is
    Amber Loveless
    Ashley Budd
    Stephanie Garcia
    Amanda Villa
    Lesley Fairman

    our topic is the Vietnam Era anti-war music. We will be discussing how the music during this time was against the war.

    We would like to go on April 15th as our first choice but if that is taken then April 8th

  4. Alex Wara

    Our group


    The impact of Super heros and comic books/graphic novels and how they influence society and American Pop culture. We will be focusing on how society views super heros based on certain super hero qualities…. including, gender, message, race, and overall why American society especially is obsessed with super heros.

    April 13th

  5. Cecilia

    We would like to sign up to do out presentation on April 8th
    Our group:

    Our topic: Stephen King and his works of horror and the grotesque

    1. Keli

      we actually changed our topic from stephen king to movies with a twist ending. We’re going to talk about this fairly new development and why it’s such a large part of films now, which movies pulled it off and those who failed miserably. Also why we’re so drawn to these endings and a whole bunch of other good stuff! =)

      1. apciv Post author

        Can you be more specific? Are you sure that “movies with a twist ending” are a recent phenomena?

  6. Jeff Moore

    Group: myself

    Topic: Video Games/Virtual Reality, their evolution, controversies, effects on society, etc.

    Date: April 6th

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