A Question (AMS179)

Somebody from AMS179 sent me an email. It seems like a fair question:

Why is it that everything that pertains to popular culture is negative. This is the most cynical class I’ve ever been in. There is nothing positive that comes out of popular culture. Have you ever noticed that?

Rather than responding immediately, I’d like to turn the question over to the rest of the class.

2 thoughts on “A Question (AMS179)

  1. Lesley Fairman

    I personally think that is a negative outlook to begin with… How could everything pertaining to our American popular culture be negative? There are always likes and dislikes, but not everything is negative. It takes a pessimistic attitude to begin with to think everything in American popular culture has to be negative.

  2. Jeff Odnert

    Pop Culture is cynical because we are a cynical country and society. Pop culture is a product and reflection of our times, and considering the way the government and economy lately has been going over the past decades, why shouldn’t we be cynical.

    But remember, this class is just the tip of the iceberg of pop culture. Nathaniel West is cynical, so is Jack Kerouac, but that’s not all that pop culture is, just happened to be the selections that were chosen for the course.

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