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Du Bois/ Midterm (HUM470)

Got white? Take the test:


A reconstruction of Du Bois’s Paris Exposition exhibit:

The malleability of race. A famous cartoon from Harper’s Weekly. Note that the grotesque caricature of the African-American figure exactly balances the grotesque caricature of the Irish-American figure.

For the midterm:

Bring a bluebook.

2 sections: identification and short essay. The former will include key phrases, names and quotes from the primary texts we’ve read. The latter will incorporate the critical categories for the study of autobiography we’ve discussed in class. Students who evince fluency with the socio-historical context of those texts will likely score high.

Recommendations: look over all the posts for American Autobiography. Have a conversation with someone in the class about what we’ve covered. Go to bed early. Come to class on time.

Any questions? Direct them to this post.