Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

We Won

Good rally at the Civic Center this evening. Demos with little kids are the best. I was complimented on my slogan (“Neoliberalism is Defunct”) and a man asked me where I got my boots and how much they cost (GI Joe’s in Portland, Oregon for 60 bucks but that was like 8 years ago). I had the pleasure of seeing a few of my students, notably Comrade Sara who graciously agreed to pose for a cell phone picture:

Also, I gathered a few facts:

2009 California budget cuts: 15 billion

One month in Iraq and Afghanistan: 12 billion

Budget gap facing all 50 states in 2010: 180 billion

Income of top 500,000 Californians: 175 billion

2010 military spending: roughly 1 trillion

Wealth of richest 1% of Americans: 21.9 trillion

(source: socialistworker.org)