Monthly Archives: March 2010

Presentation (AMS 179)

Please specify who is in your group (first names only OK) and the nature of your topic. Remember topics should be fairly developed (i.e. “music” is not sufficient as a subject for a presentation). Those of you who weren’t in class on Thursday might use the comments section of this post to get in touch with your comrades.

Tuesday Apr. 6

1. Video games & virtual reality


Thursday Apr. 8

1. Stephen King

2. Childbirth

Tuesday Apr. 13

1. Marijuana in the Movies

2. Superheroes

Thursday Apr. 15

1. Music of the 1960s

2. Anti-war music of the 1960s.

A Question (AMS179)

Somebody from AMS179 sent me an email. It seems like a fair question:

Why is it that everything that pertains to popular culture is negative. This is the most cynical class I’ve ever been in. There is nothing positive that comes out of popular culture. Have you ever noticed that?

Rather than responding immediately, I’d like to turn the question over to the rest of the class.