Goya and Daumier (AMS179)

“From the moment he had seen them, he had known that, despite his race, training and heritage, neither Winslow Homer nor Thomas Ryder could be his masters and he turned to Goya and Daumier” (60).

Goya, The Third of May, 1808:

and Saturn Devouring his Children from the series The Black Paintings:

Honore Daumier, Uprising:

Third Class Carriage:

1 thought on “Goya and Daumier (AMS179)

  1. Melanie Wong

    I’m not in this class (I’m in your HUM 415 class), but I had to comment on this. The Third of May, 1808 is my favorite painting of all time. I used to be very passionate on art history, especially in the realm of Spanish paintings. On a trip I took with my sister to Barcelona two years ago, we made a stop in Madrid just to see this painting in the Museo del Prado, and believe it or not, the painting was gone for restoration for the week. I was so upset! Anyway, I love Goya’s use of lighting in this painting and the unmistakable biblical references.

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