Group Presentations (AMS179)

A spectacularly lame response to the opportunity to vote on whether to have group presentations or a final exam has led, extraordinarily, to a tie: 3 votes in favor of presentations, 3 against. In this instance I’ll function as the vice-president in a senate vote and cast my lot for group presentations. This means you have 6 weeks to prepare.

2 thoughts on “Group Presentations (AMS179)

  1. J.

    I demand a recount. I don’t know if you announced this last Thursday, when I was out of town, but I’m extremely disappointed both with the turn out and the vote results. I know I would have voted against, had I been aware.

    In some aspects, this group project is lightening the load, one less reading response is great, I suppose, but I’m not entirely comfortable with letting my final grade hang on other people pulling their weight. Aren’t final exams meant to be an individual determination of how much the student has learned throughout the semester?

    It’s cool that the group’s grade will be reflected upon all members, I just wish there were fail-safes towards individual effort or lack thereof.

    All I’m saying is that I would have been happy to do a final exam, and if the group project took the place of the final paper, instead of adding to it, all the better.

    I would also like to say that I’m not unhappy with my group or topic, but that I wish I could have had my say… maybe a bit longer of a dead-line. Maybe I’m just upset that we’re not going to be able to present individual tracks for Hip Hop Wars, cause I thought that was a cool activity. Who knows.

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