Daily Archives: February 3, 2010

Gettin Ganked (HUM415, HUM470, AMS179)

So the guys pulling 6 figures in CSU admin who don’t have much to do with actual teaching thought up this great idea that staff and faculty would take what amounts to a pay cut to keep the university from outright implosion. In addition, of course, students would have their “fees” (i.e. tuition) bumped. What this means is that undergraduates at CSU are paying more for less. Such a situation easily falls into the category of “gettin ganked.” If you find this sorts of hijinks irritating then… well… do something about it.

But the aforesaid is merely a bit of self-indulgent vitriol directed against an entrenched neoliberal administrative elite who– I’m not kidding– ultimately would like to privatize all higher education in the United States. What’s important for our immediate purposes is the issue of furloughs. Here are the dates that students of the courses I am teaching will pay to not attend:


Feb. 19, 22 (mandated. none of us had a choice in the matter.)

Mar. 26 (take Spring break a day early)

HUM 470 and AMS 179:

Mar. 25

Apr. 29

I’ll edit the course information pages to reflect these changes. Let me say as well that I am compelled to not work for CSU 9 days this semester. If I was a cold, calculating bastard I’d just take a 9 day vacation from teaching. But like virtually all other teachers I can’t in good conscience do that–a fact that CSU admin is depending upon. At the same time I can’t let CSU upper admin off the hook entirely: they thought up this abortive plan, and they need to feel some pressure. (On the assumption that students and their families will actually be aggravated enough to complain via phone, email, etc.). Oh, and  according to a study at UC Berkeley “expanded furloughs will save the general fund only 12 cents for every dollar cut in wages and benefits.”

Relocation (AMS179)

Hey we’re moving on Thursday. Given the lateness of this notice, let’s meet in our regular classroom in Clark Hall and then amble on over to our new location.