Daily Archives: February 1, 2010

Gratification (HUM 415)

Just a quick word: it was really gratifying to me that people gave voice to their impressions and ideas in our brief discussion on (re-)indigenization and bhangra today. I think we should try to foster that sort of open dialog for the remainder of the semester. So don’t hold back. Even comments which may in some sense be wide of the mark have the potential for pushing our understanding forward.

On Wednesday I’ll give a compressed (15-20 min.) lecture on the Apartheid era in South Africa and we’ll delve further into Waiting for the Barbarians. As you continue to read Coetzee’s novel remember to keep your eyes peeled and your critical sensibilities alert: as a writer he’s playing a fairly deep game and while his prose seems simple enough on the surface it exhibits, as an old teacher of mine would say, “a high degree of condensation”.