Exciting New Feature Available Now

As I said on Wednesday, I’ve decided to add another feature to the required work in seminar. Beginning on this coming Wednesday Sept. 16, you will be asked to bring to (both M&W) class a short summation of the assigned readings. Here are the guidelines:

Your name, the course, the date, obviously.

Identify the text by author, title, page numbers and source (Norton, Heath, URL, etc.)

Make a game effort to “nutshell” the reading in a fairly abbreviated fashion. This does not mean you need to outline, say, an entire chapter from the Norton. Instead, hit the major contours of the text. Details are always nice and, indeed, will invigorate your writing should you use them in papers or midterms.

The purpose of this new feature of seminar is not to feed my ravening desire to read student writing, but to give you a basic body of knowledge, in your own words, which you can then use to fulfill future assignments.

Finally, yes, it’s true: not one of you has deigned to post a single remark on the blog. Remember how I said this would be a way for the shy ones to accrue participation credit? I meant it, but that offer was intended to be acted upon with some alacrity and regularity. A sudden surge of comments in the last two weeks of class won’t be adequate. Your call.

11 thoughts on “Exciting New Feature Available Now

  1. yungbunii

    For those of us that do not have the book what do we do? Do we just continue to lose points and fail the quizzes? we can obviously still do the web readings in the meantime. hopefully this backorder will not effect our grade too much?

  2. sjsuspartan10

    If your books are back-ordered from the bookstore, you can cancel them and go to Roberts. I got the packet of the three Heath books and a used Norton and it was cheaper than the one on the website.

  3. irregardless

    I know the instructor won’t say it, but the books being back-ordered is such a weak ass excuse. I don’t mean to offend whoever said that but take a look at the situation:

    After this week, one quarter of the Fall semester will be behind us, yet some have not even begun to read the material? 25% of this course has been wasted because of the back-order issue even though the books are stocked at Roberts for a reasonable price.

    Take responsibility.

  4. yungbunii

    Can you still cancel an order even if its already been sent out? It should be coming soon, but i dont want to go to roberts and spend money if i cant cancel my online book. ive been searching for these books all overthe internet and i cant find version D.( last time i went roberts didnt have any of the books) But its helpful to know that they might have them now! and i feel its kind of retarded to get version C if were going to be finished with it in a week. Maybe to those of us that do and don’t have the book it would be HELPFUL if the teacher went over the readings in class and gave us some useful quotes so that it will prepare us for the upcoming test.

  5. irregardless

    It depends on who the order is with, but generally, when something is back ordered the vendor (bookstore, amazon, or whoever) will have a cancellation policy.
    You should ask them about that though.

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