Daily Archives: September 12, 2009

Exciting New Feature Available Now

As I said on Wednesday, I’ve decided to add another feature to the required work in seminar. Beginning on this coming Wednesday Sept. 16, you will be asked to bring to (both M&W) class a short summation of the assigned readings. Here are the guidelines:

Your name, the course, the date, obviously.

Identify the text by author, title, page numbers and source (Norton, Heath, URL, etc.)

Make a game effort to “nutshell” the reading in a fairly abbreviated fashion. This does not mean you need to outline, say, an entire chapter from the Norton. Instead, hit the major contours of the text. Details are always nice and, indeed, will invigorate your writing should you use them in papers or midterms.

The purpose of this new feature of seminar is not to feed my ravening desire to read student writing, but to give you a basic body of knowledge, in your own words, which you can then use to fulfill future assignments.

Finally, yes, it’s true: not one of you has deigned to post a single remark on the blog. Remember how I said this would be a way for the shy ones to accrue participation credit? I meant it, but that offer was intended to be acted upon with some alacrity and regularity. A sudden surge of comments in the last two weeks of class won’t be adequate. Your call.

Prolepsis: From Muskogee

Here’s a flash forward to the 1960s, a period we’ll be studying soon, in honor of the tens of thousands of people who actually got off their ample American rumps to hold a demo in D.C. this weekend. Likely we don’t agree on much, but they deserve credit for acting on their beliefs rather than passively accepting the status quo.

In related news, a demo was held on SJSU campus protesting budget cuts. According to the Spartan Daily, a paltry 40 people participated.