Franklin Rosemont

Fellow-worker Franklin Rosemont, I belatedly discovered today while reading June’s issue of the Industrial Worker, died in April.  Rosemont– agitator, founding member of the Chicago Surrealist Group, and author of many books including Joe Hill: The IWW and the Making of a Revolutionary Working Class Counterculture and What is Surrealism– is known widely as a a pivotal figure in the  reorganization of arguably the most significant publishing house in the United States, the Charles H. Kerr Company. With their comrades, he and his partner Penelope Rosemont  fought against cultural and historical amnesia and the paralysis of the human imagination, bringing out works such as The Rambling Kid, The Big Red Songbook, Rebel Voices, and A History of Pan-African Revolt. You can read more about Rosemont here.