Who Would Jesus Torture?

Vis a vis our discussion in class today, this report from Associated Press. Also, the Obama administration is attempting to block the release of abuse photos slated for the end of this month. 

Here’s a “trailer” for Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine which touches upon some of the things I mentioned:

And this is pretty spooky:

For a thorough history of the MK-Ultra program see Lee and Shlain’s Acid Dreams.

3 thoughts on “Who Would Jesus Torture?

  1. Linda Lam

    This reminds me of my favorite video game series titled Metal Gear Solid by Hideo Kojima. It is a tactical stealth espionage game which revolves around world wars, CIA, international affairs, and one of it’s trademarks is that in every single Metal Gear game there is a torture scene. The torture scene involves Snake (the one man army protagonist) being held up on a table rack with handcuffs, blindfolded in a pitch dark room. Through intense interrogation Snake receives an electric shock each time he refuses to comply. The story itself is fictional, however they use real facts and interesting history as the basis of the game. I’ve learned so much about the cold war, the arms race, Cuban missile crisis, genome soldiers, sputnik, and many other things which makes me wonder, “who the heck said you can’t learn anything from video games?” It is a compelling video game with a story leaving you hanging in the end when you learn about how the major world countries (China, America, Soviet Union, Europe) are all triple crossing each other for the sake of secret intelligence.

    Our class discussion also made we want to shout, “And that is why I haven’t watched The News or flicked on a television in the last 2 years!” Everything in the media is total brainwashing if you don’t know any better that is.

    And about Beijing being strict on gum chewing.. I’ve never heard of such thing. If Beijing was so strict on gum chewing, why is it the last time I went to Beijing I saw an old fellow smoking his pipe next to a no smoking sign with the cops wandering around doing nothing?!

  2. apciv Post author

    Maybe Metal Gear Solid is a form of “propaganda”– a seemingly innocuous form of entertainment which serves to get its players used to the idea of torture. Seems to have worked with “24” fans….

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