Daily Archives: April 24, 2009

Final Paper Prompts

Here are the final paper prompts. I expect there may be questions, so please direct them to the comments section of this post where everyone can see.

1. What is the relationship between memory and allegory  in Maxine Hong Kingston’s China Men and how does that relationship aid the fulfillment of the text’s “project”? 

2. How does Lakota Woman– the book itself and the people, ideas and events it describes– undertake to repair the damage of colonialism? What difficulties and opportunities characterize this effort?

3. Explore the significance of the themes of mourning, melancholy and empire in The Reluctant Fundamentalist.  

4. Choose a contemporary cultural product or practice, and using the critical concepts of metonymy and the palimpsest discuss its significance in terms of the guiding theme of this course: Values in American Life.

Same guidelines as last time, with the added burden of 1) workshopping a draft of your paper at the LAC (as we’ve discussed repeatedly in class 2) and turning your final version into turnitin.com (details forthcoming).

Due Monday the 4th of May:  Bring in a provisional thesis statement and works cited page.