Mapping the Asian Diaspora: Take One

Americans, it has been said ad nauseam, don’t know much geography. Even further, the geographical knowledge they have managed to amass generally comes from the wars they fight. On the other hand this observation might be too optimistic. Want to prove it? Go here and take the quiz.

Let’s attempt to conceive of Chinese immigration to the United States and the development of Chinese American culture as part of a larger historical and geographical process: the Asian diaspora. We’ll need new ways of visualizing that phenomenon. To begin, consider our assumptions about the way the world looks. Below is a Mercator map, the most common representation of the world, one found in classrooms throughout the United States:


Now here’s a Peters projection map.

Followed by a map of the Pacific Rim:


and a map of China:


3 thoughts on “Mapping the Asian Diaspora: Take One

  1. Rick Ballew

    I would like to use the image of the Pacific Rim included in the article “Mapping the Asian Diaspora: Take One” 09 March 2009.

    I would include it in a powerpoint presentation I will be giving to aircraft pilots attending the National Business Association, International Operators Conference in New Orleans, 29 Mar 2010.

    The purpose of the presentation is to cover operational considerations for flying in the Pacifie area.

    I receive no compensation for this presentation.

    If possible could you let me know who I need to ask for permission.

    Thank you
    Rick Ballew

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