Here are the reading assignments for the coming weeks. Ideally, students simply read the book we’re working with as soon as they can. Baseline expectations are as follows:

Week of Mar. 9-13

Mon: Look at this chronology of Asians in America

while not exhaustive (no mention of Filipino “Manilamen” who settled in what is now Louisiana in the 1760s) it offers a good foundation.

Read “On Discovery” and “On Fathers” in Maxine Hong Kingston’s China Men.

Read this article, An Alleged Wife.

Wed: Read “The Father from China” in China Men.

Fri: Read pp. 74-122  in CM.

Week of Mar. 16-20

M: pp. 123-162

W: pp. 163-234

F: pp. 235-308

Our goal is to complete our study of China Men and Chinese American history by Spring Break. We’ll see if we can meet that target.

I’ve added some interesting links to the blogroll, including SF’s Chinese Historical Society of America and a website for the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation (AIISF)

2 thoughts on “Assignments

  1. Linda Lam

    I find that China Men is a difficult read, and might be somewhat hard to understand for those who are unfamiliar with Chinese names/customs. I can gather a vague idea of what the book is about but It’s difficult to grasp some of the finer details

  2. Jenna Cole

    I couldn’t even imagine what Quok Shee went through during her 2 years of detention at Angel Island. Being repeatedly interrogated, denied access to a lawyer, plagued with depression, and subjected to small pox is more than enough for a woman just trying to reach a husband she barley knew and the only one she knew in the United States. It is rediculous that 150 pages of legalistic manuevering was used just to not let this young woman into the United States.


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