Joe Hill and the Little Red Songbook


Here’s a great video. Words and music by Phil Ochs, performed by Billy Bragg.

Joe Hill’s The Rebel Girl. The introduction includes an excerpt of the speech by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn we read for class.

More Billy Bragg. This time playing Joe Hill’s There is Power in a Union in the GDR. Song kicks in @ 3:13.


3 thoughts on “Joe Hill and the Little Red Songbook

  1. daretoeatapeach

    Ha ha ha! The google ad that pops up under this post reads, “Are you a socialist.” Google adsense cracks me up… until I think of the sinister potential such tracking could be used for in the wrong hands.

    Thanks for the post. I had the good fortune to see Utah Phillips before he died last year.

    1. hotflashblues

      Talked to Utah Phillips for several hours on the phone before God took him under his wings… he is a true man with great believes, especially he tells great stories.

  2. daretoeatapeach

    Hmm. Just realized that you make no reference to Utah Philips, so that was a total non-sequiter. I was thinking that Phil Ochs song was a Utah Philips song. Oopsy!

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