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  1. apciv Post author

    Read up on the Greco-Persian war, specifically Thermopylae using some of the links I’ve given you.

  2. heteroglossia

    This is a thorough article from the Alamo Society: http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~sparta/topics/essays/academic/alamo.htm

    Just an excerpted quote: “Those who remained made a hearty last meal to give them strength. Plutarch has preserved Leonidas’ grim words: ‘Breakfast well, for we shall dine in Hades.'” (you may recall this from the movie).

    “Although it is the 300 Spartans of the king’s bodyguard who are best remembered, Leonidas may have led perhaps 2,000 men in this final battle.”

    And of Dilios, the one eyed storyteller:
    “A token few Spartans are reported to have survived-a soldier who was nearly blind with an eye infection and chose to make his escape with the refugees; an envoy away on diplomatic business who could not return in time-but others in similar straits had refused to forsake Leonidas, including the priest Megistias, who sent his son away while remaining with the Spartans. The two Spartan survivors found themselves official pariahs in their hometown, subjected to a sort of “silent treatment.” One hanged himself in shame and the other sought death in the ranks the following year at Plataea.”

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