Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

General Remarks

I graded the quizzes, which ranged from excellent to abysmal. Regarding the latter it was quite clear that some have done little if any of the reading. This is rapidly leading me to the conclusion that a final examination may be necessary to adequately evaluate students’ performance. 

Attendance has also come up as an issue. More than three unexcused absences means a no-pass in the attendance portion of the final grade. Looking at the roll sheet I see that quite a few people have already crossed this Rubicon. I would strongly recommend… well, not missing class. 

Persepolis at the Movies (contcult)


3630 Balboa Street (37th Ave)
San Francisco 94121
(415) 221-8184

Bike Rack in front of the Balboa
Muni Bus #31 or #38 Ocean Beach
Also #5 Fulton and all Geary Street buses stop two
(long) blocks from Balboa.

From school you can also take bus #18 and get off @ 39th/Geary, walking down two blocks to the theater.

Relatively easy Parking

San Francisco’s Favorite Neighborhood Theatre
Voted by the Bay GuardianSF Weekly and San Francisco Magazine
General Admission: $9.00
Seniors and Children $6.50
Bargain Matinees: All Seats $6.50 for shows in ( )

SCHOOL NIGHT – Mondays are School Days and Nights. With proof of being a student, faculty or staff member, your admission is only $6.50 on Mondays.