“So as to give them courage we must teach people to be shocked by themselves.”

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Tory had a little lamb

Easily one of the best photo-ops of recent times.



Send in the Clowns (HUM415)



More than 350 arrested this morning at anti-austerity protests outside the € billion European Central Bank building in Frankfurt. We’ll hear about it because some police cars were burned.

Black Power Dialectics (HUM415)

Note that this clip is prefaced with a commercial. Does that mean consumer capitalism has won? That it contains the seeds of its own destruction?

In any case, consider these words:

The course of revolution is 360 degrees.

Understand the cycle that never ends.

Understand the beginning to be the end and nothing

in between but space and time that I make or you make

to relate or not to relate to the world outside my mind, your mind.

Speak not of revolution until you are willing to eat rats to survive.

What can you do with these lyrics?

The Politics of Amnesia


Hey wasn’t it cool the way we commemorated the largest, most wide-spread anti-war protests in the history of humanity last week? I mean specifically the unprecedented number (up to 30 million) of people who demonstrated against the imminent invasion of Iraq on the weekend of Feb. 15 and 16, 2003?




One Month


It’s been one month since the Senate report on CIA torture was released.


This is important…

… and you should pay attention, in part because the luxury of willful ignorance is a privilege accorded– for the most part– solely to the citizens of Empire. Those who live in places Empire bombs and invades and surveils don’t have the option of turning the channel.

The US Senate is releasing a much-delayed, heavily redacted report on key aspects of the (on-going) US torture regime. The Obama administration and its neoconservative allies did not want this report to be issued to the public. Already, torture enthusiasts such as Mike Rogers are claiming that the release of the report will cause incalculable damage to US prestige and even the death of its agents and operatives. Of course the same was said about wikileaks and Snowden’s revelations.

Read about it. Discuss it. This matters.

Deleted (HUM425)

This image by Banksy was painted over by the Clacton-on-Sea council because of a complaint that it was racist. Some people have speculated that this complaint was made in bad faith because the image can be read as explicitly anti-racist.

Banksy pigeons


Entartete Kunst (HUM425)

A documentary on the infamous Degenerate Art Exhibition in 1937, which gathered artworks considered by Nazi authorities to be indecent– many of them examples of Expressionism– and ridiculed them.


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